SWAVE 2.5DTM enables highly accurate absolute elasticity imaging by using the 3D Thin-Volume Vibroelastography technology while displaying live images on the screen. Currently, this solution is offered on Ultrasonix systems equipped with a research license. SWAVE 2.5D uses a 3D transducer to obtain volumetric real-time images of tissue vibration.

SWAVE 2.5D supports the following 4D transducers:

  •  4DL14-5/38  (Breast, Thyroid, MSK)
  • 4DC7-3/40  (Liver, Abdominal)
  • 4DEC9-5/10  (Prostate, Obstetric)

SWAVE 2.5D includes a software module that is installed on the ultrasound system and a hardware module, including an actuator and a controller unit. The same software module and controller unit can be used for different clinical applications. A small actuator is designed to generate the desired micro-vibrations in the tissue. Customized solutions are also offered depending on the clinical application.

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