USX-BKIf you have an ultrasound system capable of providing radio-frequency (RF) or in-phase quadrature (IQ) data to the user, we can upgrade your system to perform multi-frequency elasticity imaging in real-time. If you don’t have such a system right now, we can help you choose one that is suitable for your needs. We have successfully integrated vibroelastography with the research interface of Ultrasonix and BK Medical ultrasound machines.

Please visit the page for the each of these products to learn more about our real-time elastography solutions for these platforms. SWAVE (Shear Wave Absolute VibroElastography) systems enable 2D vibroelastography (SWAVE 2D), thin-volume vibroelastography (SWAVE 2.5D) and 3D vibroelastography (SWAVE 3D). You can select one or more types of vibroelastography based on the research area and clinical applications in which you are most interested.

We have developed our systems in such a way that researchers can have access to various intermediary data structures such as ultrasound RF data, displacement time series, displacement phasor data as well as reconstructed viscoelasticity maps. These data can be exported to files and read in Matlab or C++.

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